Baia Trio
Soirée du Sunday 05 April
18:00:00 - 20:00:00 / 

These three musicians come from the same region, have known each other for several years and have often played together - they went to the same parties and share the same culture - so it's no surprise that they came to form a trio in 2015. Baia Trio is 'the' trio for any party such as the "Baìo de Sempeyre" - a great party with costumes and music that takes place every 5 years - in the Val Varaita in Italy: a high valley in the Alps that serves as the geographical bond between Cunéo in italy and Briançon in France, and also as the linguistic bond between the "Occitan" and the "Francoprovençal". Gabriele has participated several times for the town of "Rore". The trio accompanies the dancer's steps and makes them jump on original folk repertoire, gathered and experienced from tradition, that they reinvent on the scene. Violin, guitar, electroacoustic hurdy-gurdy, viol and three voices: Enrico, Francesco and Gabriele carried out many experiences - together and individually - going from the purest tradition to the most extreme experiments in order to create a new sound - archaic, powerful and refined.
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